I am a General Practitioner based in Guernsey specialising in musculoskeletal and sports medicine with an emphasis on using acupuncture for treatment. I have the Diploma of Sports Medicine and I am a member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society. Acupuncture is undervalued as a therapeutic modality and I have been pushing the envelope to explore its potential.  I have documented more than 1200 acupuncture procedures, many with results that my clients have described as phenomenal, including high performance sportsmen.

If you would like to discuss any problems you have that I may be able to help with, then please do contact me. I can be contacted on 07911 781900 or by email on stark@doctors.org.uk

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Dr Matthew A Stark



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  1. Where umpteen deep tissue massages and masses of painkillers have previous failed, Dr Stark succeeds! Really quite remarkable and without a doubt worth every penny!!


  2. I have had a lower back problem for over 30 years now and I could not believe what one visit to Dr Stark achieved I feel like a new man. I am 56 and have always kept myself fit but it has been difficult due to my back now only one day after the treatment I do not have any back pain at all its like a miracle. A big big thank you to Dr Stark.


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