“I am a 53 year old man with osteoarthritis in both hips and tendon-related pain in both shoulders. Desperate to not give up windsurfing, I had been seeking an alternative to cortisone injections or operations after pain and muscular inhibition had forced me to a halt. After a simple consultation, in which it became apparent that Dr Stark has a tremendous understanding of the complex interactions between muscles and the nervous system, a simple course of acupuncture has given me back the sport that I love. I too now have a greater understanding of my body and feel with the help of Dr Stark I shall be able to continue for many years to come. I will be using Dr Stark to help me in the future and I would recommend that he should be the first port of call not just for sportsmen, but for anyone who feels that pain is affecting the quality of their life. Thank you Doctor.”
Steve Mellors, 53 year old Engineer and Windsurfer

“Following a 10 day period of intense pain in my right upper leg area, I sought the help of Dr Stark through acupuncture. I had never had this treatment before and was apprehensive but he put me totally at ease and I experienced almost immediate relief which was amazing. Dr Stark’s understanding of the issues and why this had occurred helped me to understand the details of the muscular issue and how the treatment worked so effectively. I would definitely use Dr Stark again and highly recommend him.”
Leslie Greenhalgh, 40 year old Marketing Director

“Dr Stark treated me for hip pain which I had for several years following a bad fall skiing. He treated me primarily with acupuncture which I found instantly helped. After 3 treatments I was pain free and have been ever since.”
James Read, 30 year old Marketing Director

“Dr Stark treated me for forearm cramps and back pain which I had developed from years of competitive sailing. Despite having had quite a lot of physiotherapy, I had developed chronic problems. I was very impressed with his biomechanical assessment and the acupuncture treatment. At the recent Moth World Championships he helped me to be pain-free which greatly enhanced my performance.”
Ben Paton, 26 year old Laser Radial World Champion and Olympic Sailing Coach

“I had a serious skiing accident which damaged my shoulder, elbow and arm. I had 2 broken ribs and damage to my ulna nerve. After 3 months of rehabilitation I had regained less than 45 degrees of movement in my elbow and very limited shoulder movement. Dr Stark proposed trigger point needling as a solution. Following my first consultation I regained 35 degrees in my elbow and increased movement of my shoulder. Thanks to Dr Starks knowledge and enthusiasm in this field I have managed to return to the sports and activities I love as well as removing the pain from everyday activities.”
Paddy Cunningham 26 year old Extreme Skier

“This is the first time I’ve had acupuncture and it seems to have greatly helped me. I had pain in my knee, Dr Stark looked at it from a whole body approach, and identifying the actual causes and not just treating the isolated symptoms. He is extremely knowledgable and his own involvement in many sports comes through in his experience. After only a couple of treatments the pain has eased and I’ve not aggravated it again even with continuing activity. His professionalism and sense of humor makes for a relaxed experience. Well recommended.” Dana Ujhazyova Personal Trainer and SUP Yoga Instructor – Funfit Guernsey

“Went in with muscle pains, left with no pain and an understanding of why it happened and lots of tips on how to avoid it.
Dr. Stark has an enormous knowledge and work miracles with his needles. I would recommend him to anyone with sports injuries.” Kenny Berg Kitesurfer, Airplane Engineer

“It was the first time I discovered acupuncture, when Dr Stark quickly and efficiently operated on me, on a sore and stiff arm to something somewhat a lot better. It only took a few minutes, but… It worked ! And I saw a few other chiropractors and osteopaths before him. So I would strongly recommend Dr Stark !” Benoit Marie, Professional Sailor and Winner of the 2013  Singlehanded Mini Transatlantic Race

“Excellent treatment – Dr Stark has sorted out both niggles in my back and knots in my lower legs. I was very pleased with how quickly my back muscle soreness went. Dr Stark suggested some good stretches and made me understand why/how the problem had come about. With my lower legs, starting the season off without knots really helped and has ensured my shin splints and calf pain have been under control. Would recommend Dr Stark’s acupuncture to all!” Johanna Asplund, Laser Sailor

“As a sportsman himself Dr Stark is able to couple enormous knowledge and enthusiasm to help people perform to their very best. The treatments I received from him recently were incredibly effective and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his clinic to anyone looking to perform at their best” Chris Draper 49er Olympic Medallist, Sail Director Americas Cup Team-SoftBank Team Japan

“Went in there barely able to walk due to a stiff back and hips, came out 30mins later a changed man! That was back in 2010 and since then I’ve been amazed what Matt can do with a few needles and a lot of knowledge!” Matt Le Poidevin, Windsurfer and Surveyor

“Dr Stark took good care of me while I was suffering from prolonged muscle soreness and never ending niggles which are very common amongst triathletes. After a few treatments I was able to run, swim and bike pain free again experiencing enormous injection of energy! I am really pleased with the treatment I have receieved and I would definitely recommend it to the people with various health issues.I have quickly realised how powerful acupuncture can be and what difference it can make in a reasonably short period of time.” Magda Puzio. Island Games Tri-athelete

“Having suffered with soreness and pain in my back, arms and legs for the last few years, I am now a firm believer in the power of acupuncture. I have seen a myriad of practitioners and nothing has given me such amazing results as acupuncture has. I didn’t realise that the soreness/pain I was suffering from, were caused by knots in my muscles and how easily they can be released by using acupuncture. I strongly recommend anyone to see Dr Matt.” Jenny Warry, Financier,Horse Rider

1 thought on “Testimonials

  1. I am a 54 year old male truck driver, I recently had work injury which I thought it was just a simple muscle strain in my right leg; little did I know how wrong I was . I went to a Dr close to where I live after 4 days of experiencing acute pain . The Dr sent me for a Ct scan and ultra sound to rule out blood clots. The Ct scan report came back with 3 mild disc bulges and no other issues that would relate to my groin pain . Two days later I was back at the Dr requesting some urgent medical attention as I was in unbearable pain. The receptionist said if your in so much pain go to hospital. I called an ambulance. At the hospital I had 3 examinations, the Dr and “Specialist ” on duty diagnosed my condition as Meralgia. They sent me home with 4 endone tablets to manage the pain.
    My original Dr prescribe Difenac and panadein fort, the hospital gave me Endone which did not manage the extreme pain. My condition was affecting my livelihood as I couldn’t return to work. I decided to reach out to a previous Dr, Dr Mathew Stark as I felt comfortable talking to him and he made feel that I mattered. With Dr Mathew Stark level of expertise in Sport injuries he assured me that we were on the right track and sent me back for another ultrasound. He wanted the signographer to check a specific area. The result come back with a what he thought “adductor tear”. Dr Mathew has been treating me for just over a week now; the pain I was in has lowered by 70% . I have had acupuncture by Mathew which every needle had hit the right spot every time. I am more comfortable now with how Mathew has relieved me from the crippling pain and looking forward to getting back into the truck as soon as my condition is settles . I would recommend Dr Stark for any medical issues ; Thank you Dr Mathew Stark , local Truckie Jess Ingram


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